Darkwinds: Armaggedon

Dusk Recollection: Chapter III - Ryze


“Bright? He’s a good leader. He’s a shit guy, but a good leader.” – Josephine “Jo-Bo” Teller

Matteo and Flamingo

Matteo and Flamingo peeked their heads out of cover after the Scourge of Chicago walked over head. Relieved as to not being seen, they left the Archer Tenant Housing building and walked into the courtyard, where they spotted a man who seemed like a merchant with a mule-like creature and a load of goods on the mule’s back. Instead of attacking on sight, they approached the man, who promptly asked them what they were interested in buying. Through pleasant conversation, they discovered that Tabs were the new currency in this post-apocalyptic landscape. The merchant was such a nice guy, he lent money to Matteo and Flamingo so that they could purchase some of the man’s wares so they could get a feel for buying, bartering, and selling in the new trade system. Matteo purchased an Aluminum Bat and Flamingo purchased something else. They were each given Tab Jars to hold more tabs just before the merchant left southbound.

Chocolate Thunder

Chocolate Thunder, after successfully avoiding the Scourge of Chicago, left the house he was hiding out in to search for Matteo (the newcomer) and Flamingo. He decided to head to the Archer Tenant Housing where they were separated to see if they were still there. On his way to the Archer Tenant Housing, Chocolate Thunder ran into a merchant with a mule-like creature as his convoy. Chocolate Thunder asked the merchant where his friends were, and the merchant pointed Thunder in the right direction, but warned Thunder not to attack, or else consequences may ensue. The merchant then left Thunder’s presence through the Darkwind. Thunder moved north to find his friends standing in the Archer Tenant Housing Courtyard.

Sir Winston Fufigneuton Esquire III and Ryze

Fufigneuton appeared through a vortex directly in front of a church. Seeing the Scourge of Chicago for the first time, Fufigneuton felt fear, but not too much. Curious of the church, Fufigneuton decided to peer through the windows, and to his surprise, he discovered people living out their lives within the safety of the church. Excited, Fufigneuton opened the doors of the church, the bells began to toll, and the people inside the church were missing. When Fufigneuton turned to run, the residents of the church held their weapons to his face, since they were standing behind him. Humored of how he was caught, Fufigneuton tried to act coy, which did not amuse the leader, who stepped through the crowd of armed civilians and knocked out Fufigneuton. Meanwhile, Ryze sat in a cage, surrounded by total darkness, when Fufigneuton was brought in and thrown into the cage with Ryze. After some bickering, Ryze and Fufigneuton began to search for an escape. But after so much work, Fufigneuton began to nap. Hours went by before Ryze decided to just ditch Fufigneuton and turn into a fly. However, when Ryze did this, the leader of the group caught him in the act, and caught Ryze as he tried to fly past the leader. The leader introduced himself as Bright and released Ryze. After some talking, Ryze discovered that Bright’s goals were to find six Supers who had been through the Revival at the same time in Chicago. He knew they were near, but didn’t know where. Ryze realized that he, himself, was one of those six. Ryze immediately volunteered to help Bright find the six. Bright, amused by Ryze’s quick agreement, released the napping Fufigneuton and ordered Ryze and Fufigneuton to find the six. After a final view of the society in the church, Ryze and Fufigneuton left. Directly after exit, the foot of the Scourge of Chicago landed a few feet away from their position. Pissed, Bright walks out with a shotgun and starts killing the Scourge’s minions and battling the Scourge itself, ordering the other two to escape, because “[he] took out more of these where he came from than anyone has in the former US.” Ryze and Fufigneuton ran as the epic battle expanded across the district.

The Group

Ryze and Fufigneuton rendezvoused with the other three guys to reform their group. Fufigneuton was not curious of the newcomers in the least. While reuniting, Chocolate Thunder noticed the battle with the Scourge is beginning to get out of hand, so the group retreated into the nearby Archer Tenant Housing to be shielded from Bright’s Nuclear Fist. Once the signs of battle have settled, the group emerges to find the Scourge has disappeared, leaving no trace of it’s existence anywhere at all. So Ryze convinced everyone to follow him back to the church to meet up with Bright. Upon entry to the church, the newcomers were all given free-range to move around the church, but Matteo was curious about the church’s build. Ryze was congratulated by Bright, revealing to the rest of the group that Ryze is also Strider, as Strider is Ryze. The group felt slightly betrayed and were confused about his dual alias. Matteo, unaware of what was happening, began to approach a wall that showed a shimmer of light from one of it’s cracks. Bright then stepped in Matteo’s way, trying to stop him, but Matteo was persistent and pushed past Bright. Bright continued to halt Matteo, before Chocolate Thunder tried to intervene by talking to Bright. Flamingo then proceeded to charge at the wall, which escalated the situation into a protective fight. Flamingo was shot in the leg, Matteo was apprehended, along with Fufigneuton and Chocolate Thunder. Ryze, the only one not effected, was still congratulated and was offered to join Bright’s group, The Darkwind Organization, a group dedicated to save all survivors of whatever caused the Darkwind Event. Ryze accepted, and pleaded Fufigneuton’s release, since he did not do anything serious in the situation that had just passed. Bright accepts these terms as the other three are dragged into the catacombs of the church.

Chocolate Thunder, Matteo, and Flamingo

Each were thrown in their cells, Chocolate Thunder receiving his own. Chocolate Thunder attempted to sacrifice the souls that resided within his stomach to gain karma and, hopefully, blessings for his release, while Flamingo bashed at the iron bars and Matteo observed the bucket which was meant to be their toilet. A guard continued to walk past their cells to check on them, and one time as the guard passed, he caught Flamingo being highly disruptive, so the guard attacked Flamingo then apprehended him again to take him deeper in the catacombs.


Flamingo was dragged deeper into the catacombs until he was thrown into a pit of water. Flamingo, dazed and confused, began to swim around and search for an exit. A grate was located deep within the water tank, which Flamingo managed to pull out due to the rust. Something swam out and started to attack Flamingo, but Flamingo stunned it with Havoc and swam through the grate. The water picked up speed until Flamingo found himself in a sewer. Stairs led up to a door, but the door was locked, and the sounds of a water surge made him unsteady. The tidal wave that came crashing through the sewer swept Flamingo up into it’s torrent, dragging him all the way to a pipe in an unknown location. Exiting the pipe, Flamingo found himself to be near the docks of Chicago in Lake Michigan, about three miles away from the rest of the group.

Ryze and Fufigneuton

For Ryze’s loyalty, Bright gifts Ryze with a ring that he had discovered in the church’s catacombs. Bright said that the ring was an artifact, an ordinary object gifted with super powers which were granted by the Blast. Bright, however, did not know the effects of the ring. Ecstatic for his gift, Ryze left with Fufigneuton to see if the technology that had fired Fufigneuton over three hundred feet into the air was still at it’s location, Ryze wanted to see if it would be of any use to his group or himself. They arrived at Lao Sze Chuan to see blue smoke wafting through the air over by the rubble where the technology should’ve been. Approaching it, they discovered Fufigneuton’s savior taking the futuristic technology. The savior explained that he required it for the war in his time, and that they were nearing that time very soon. The savior also looked at Ryze in the eyes and told him that he will see Ryze soon, once Ryze has “made his decision.” However, prior to the savior’s leaving, Fufigneuton pulled out a mysterious artifact, with which he tossed into the savior’s vortex, changing it’s color and possibly it’s outcome. The savior failed to notice and left without another word with the technology. Ryze then began exploring the rubble to find more tech, but Fufigneuton began to feel his particles become light, and he disappeared in thin air once more.

Matteo and Chocolate Thunder

As the guard returned from disposing of Flamingo, Matteo knocked him out and managed to loot the keys off of him to escape. Matteo unlocked Chocolate Thunder’s cage and they ran upstairs to flee. When they entered the church’s main room, however, Bright sat in the rafters with every survivor missing. Bright held a sniper rifle and began firing at Matteo and Chocolate Thunder while barking orders to return to their cells. Chocolate Thunder was shot multiple times, and was on the ground bleeding out while Matteo took cover behind the podium, discovering Bright’s Pump-Action Shotgun, and started firing back. Eventually, Bright disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke. Without questioning the logic behind this, Matteo disguised himself as a guard and Chocolate Thunder as an injured prisoner. They finally managed to open the wall to find two fully operational vehicles, one of which held a mounted minigun. Along with this discovery, a man in a black hood and mask approached them and said, “Ah, you must be the transport Bright told me about, get in the SUV.” As they drove out of the church, the man told Chocolate Thunder and Matteo that his name was No-Sight, the lead scavenger for the Darkwind Organization.



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