Darkwinds: Armaggedon

Dusk Recollection: Chapter IV - Civilization


“No-Sight’s on a revenge quest. He’s trying to get to Washington State, but right now, he’s torn between his responsibilities and his personal endeavors. We need him here, but he needs to be there, if we all have any real chance of surviving this.” – Michael Babelle, a.k.a. Bright, Darkwind Organization

A man sharpens a severely curved blade at some form of modern grinder in a brightly lit and pale yellow room. He wears a patchwork jacket and strapped cloth for pants. The blade is at the end of a long, crooked staff. A soldier of some kind of faction runs in. “Sir, we have found the defectors!” The sharpening man chuckles, “A shame, I had cleaned my scythe just a moment ago…”
Matteo, Chocolate Thunder, and No-Sight

While driving through Chicago, No-Sight notices a building on fire. He remarks how odd it is for only the roof of the building to be on fire. He asks Matteo and Chocolate Thunder if they’d like to check it out. They agree and they park the vehicle outside of the building. Prior to entry, No-Sight hands both Matteo and Chocolate Thunder a ranged weapon. Matteo receives an MP5 while Chocolate Thunder receives an M16. No-Sight unsheathes his blade and asks Matteo to lead. They enter the building to find horrific signs of battle, bodies laid on the floor, blood smeared the walls where bullet holes peppered it, the men seemed to be survivors while the enemy party was a group of Chompers. Matteo pushed through and began walking down the hallway to a door where noises can be heard. Chocolate Thunder, unknown to his reasoning of why he did the following, approached the door and knocked. A man who seemed to be a bandit opened the door and greeted the party. He then invited them in, where a camp had been made within the two-floor tall lobby. The area seemed to be of modern elegance, but today, it was a camp for survivors of Darkwind. Screams of pain could be heard from the medical tent, which is where the man was leading the party. Upon entry, the men discovered a doctor and a man dressed in biker gear who was screaming for unknown reasons. The doctor explains that the man had been shot by a Loyalist, and was now experiencing the effects of a Loyalist round. Chocolate Thunder offered to heal him, but the doctor disagreed at first, however through an argument with the supposed bandit, the doctor agreed. Chocolate Thunder used Healing Aura to heal the patient, who returned to health after some time. The patient introduced himself as Ares, and was grateful for Chocolate Thunder’s healing abilities. Ares then asked the party if he could join them, and No-Sight agreed. Satisfied, No-Sight begins walking to the exit, when the door blasts open and five armed men trotted through the hole. Another man stepped through, wielding an enormous scythe in his hands who looked like Death himself, he looked past No-Sight at the three men standing in shock and simply said, “Found you.”


Standing atop the sewage drain, Flamingo could only see a few docks to the north. When Flamingo began to swim to those docks, he started to feel a presence below him in the water. Before reaching the docks, Flamingo was grabbed and dragged under water by what seemed to be a cross between a fish and a man. Flamingo kicked away and made it onto the docks. But the “merman” jumped through the wood and landed on the dock, upon landing his fishy parts began to separate into human parts. Grabbing a bucket and dumping the bait into the water, Flamingo slammed the bucket onto the head of the “merman,” decapitating him. Flamingo then decided to hold onto the bucket as a weapon. Flamingo returned to land and, with the aid of a bus route map on a bus stop, he headed north to see what was in a nearby planetarium. On his way, he ran into a deserted bus, the bus’s interior glowed a yellow hue. Flamingo boarded the bus and discovered 2 medi-packs, a flashlight, and a 9mm Handgun. He, then, approached a land bridge, where overturned vehicles and glowing eggs nested. Curious of the eggs, Flamingo pokes one, to have a pirhana-like creature leap out and grapple his face. Flamingo managed to whack it off and use his 9mm to kill it. He decided not to go looking through the rest of the vehicles in fear of those creatures all hatching at once. Arriving at the planetarium, Flamingo notices an S.O.S sign scrawled on the wall of the building near one of the entrances. Upon his entrance, Flamingo saw thirteen bodies hanging, all various shapes and sizes from an archway which represented an orbit of a planet. Gagging as he tried to dodge the blood drops falling from the victims, he decided to head over to the food court to find some sustenance. Entering the room, he discovered a treasure trove of food and medical supplies along with hardware which was probably for the construction of the food court. Something, however, compelled Flamingo to scream out “Kraken,” possibly due to his low intelligence and being near a large body of water. However, a wall revealed a secret armory filled with weapons and armor. After multiple times of screaming out the same word over and over and watching the wall open and close, Flamingo finally decided to enter the armory to obtain a full suit of Heavy Leather Armor and an M60 with 300 rounds. Then, Flamingo got the amazing idea to scream, “Release the Kraken!” Which had opened up the ceiling of the armory where a 17-foot long black lizard-like creature exited the confinements of its quarters. Realizing its friendliness, Flamingo decided to call it Derek. He then mounted Derek and began to ride him, which lead to another discovery, Derek can teleport. Derek teleported Flamingo to another location within the planetarium, showing that Derek can teleport to wherever Derek and Flamingo has been. Derek then teleported to another wing of the planetarium, where survivors had made camp.


Ryze returned to the lot where Fufigneuton was after investigating the Lao Sze Chuan area to find that Fufigneuton had disappeared. Seeing how this is becoming a regular occurrence, Ryze decides to return to the Church empty-handed. A woman appeared from the fog and ash, asking about the where-abouts of Fufigneuton and Chocolate Thunder. Ryze was very timid and abrasive, causing the woman to flee without his aid. She ran toward the very same direction Ryze was headed, so he pursued her from afar. When he arrived at the Church, Bright was scrambling his men and explained to Ryze how a woman broke into the area and stole one of their vehicles. Ryze, uncaring of the situation, asked if there were any other vehicles. Bright mentioned that a team of scavengers had recently returned from their tour through the city and had returned to the Church to refuel and deposit the supplies. Ryze opened the doors to see that the scavengers had finished refueling and depositing their materials and were preparing to depart again. Ryze commandeered the vehicle and took it to a train yard in search of Suzume’s body. Ryze arrived to find Suzume’s body surrounded by the bodies of two Grunts. Ryze looted his body, feeling relieved that no one had discovered the body yet. All of a sudden, a rocket is fires into the scavenger vehicle, killing the men inside. Men in armored suits began converging onto Ryze’s location. They took him into custody and handed him over to the officer who was now apparently in charge of the train yard. The officer interrogated Ryze, but got nothing. Unamused, the officer condemned Ryze to be bound to the hood of a semi-truck. Ryze was tied and spat upon the hood of the truck, and was promptly driven into the Church where Bright and his people resided. As quickly as the attack started, Ryze released a strike using his new ring onto the armored men. Rumbling was heard in the clouds of the dark Chicago, and in a flash, everything became bright as day as a strange energy force pierced the sky and slammed into the semi where Ryze was bound, covering the eighteen men who had just begun to file out of the truck.



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