Sprout Pod

“I’ve never seen a Sprouter lair as eerie as this one. They look like eggs… the air in here is humid, the visibility is minimal, the Darkwind has taken this ruin for sure. Bless the poor souls dragged by their entrails to live as one of them.” – Gerard Haysworth, a.k.a. Corkscrew, British Relief Group

Sprout Pods are low-level stationary objects that create medium-level Chompers if the pods are not destroyed quick enough. Sprout Pods range from levels 1-5, each level representing a level of armor around their embryos. Sprout Pods can be hung on ceilings, walls, and placed on floors. Chompers are released after 2 aggressive turns, only the pods encountered within that room will release their Chompers. Sprout Pods are laid by a larger Sprouter, currently codenamed, Rock Candy, but when they’re filled, they are uninhabited. Sprouters cannot reproduce, so they require human hosts to fill those pods in order to increase their numbers. The Grunt family tend to be highly attracted to Sprout Pods, so it may be wise to learn how to use pods as Grunt bait, allowing the Grunts and Sprouters to fight each other without having the player affected.

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