“We were ambushed, sir. While we ventured through the Black Chasm, they… came from the ground, the walls and the building above! It was a slaughterhouse! Their initial attack eliminated nearly half my men, and their second, left me…” – Officer Joseph Smith of the New American Army

Sprouters are the stealthiest creatures of this universe. These plant-human hybrids are fast, discrete, and powerful in attack. However, the tend to be weak in body structure and specially vulnerable to fire. Sprouters can burrow through surfaces, leaving tunnels and openings, but also aiding in their attacks against you. They enjoy darker areas of the world, most incubating and growing within the ever hovering Darkwind. The individual monsters of this family are as follows:

The current list is small due to the nature of the current game state, more monsters will be added as level progresses. Click on the main page below to return to the Wiki menu.

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